Mobile Communications

Device Management

Our Device Management solution goes beyond remote device configuration: it also helps operators increase data revenue and customer satisfaction.

Device Management brings an unparalleled device library containing more than 222,200 references with full GSMA specifications from over 7,700 manufacturers, expanded with thousands of new models each year.

The knowledge of the LTE frequency bands supported by devices helps operators to tackle the complexity of the LTE band fragmentation, thus ensuring usage uptake via the promotion of the right device to the right user.

Leveraging Metamorfoz proven expertise in signaling, a full network-based Automatic Device Detection (ADD)  module is also available as an option.

It brings valuable real-time users and device events analytics (e.g. presence on the network, location, device or SIM swap, roaming, connection type, etc.).

That information can trigger device-based use cases (handset configuration, real-time personalized offers generation).

It can also feed other solutions addressing other business priorities (e.g. EIR (Equipment Identity Register) regulation, steering of roaming, SIM OTA campaigns, VAS promotions).